Taxes and the IRS

So we had a little stumble this week. We received a letter from the IRS saying we owe $2250 in back taxes from 2014.During next tax season we’ll actually refile and hopefully get some of that back, hopefully. The good news is they gave us until 14 November to pay (yeah, not really good). So since I was close to paying off my credit card it looks like I’ll have to put that amount on it. I guess if there is a silver lining it’s that by putting all my paycheck on my card it really did keep from spending money on anything else unless it was a necessity. I’ll keep doing this and I know this will only set me back about 2 months.

For the month of October I put $1,725 towards my card. I did use it, but certainly didn’t use it like it was cash.I also have a $600 payment scheduled for the 1st of November and a $1,000 scheduled for the 4th. Then depending on what I needed to finish it off would’ve been from my paycheck on the 18th. Now it seems like all of my 18th paycheck will go and I’ll just keep chopping away at it.


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