Moving right along

Well I’ve been busy paying bills off and everything is really coming together. I paid off my Visa last week so that money will snowball onto my next bill. The good news with that bill is that I’ve only got 2 months of payments on it until it is at a zero balance. The only thing I have after that is my truck and the house. As long as everything goes to plan the truck will be paid off by Nov/Dec this year (about 9 months earlier than planned).

Other than that, the wife and I have just been trying to lead/live more productive, healthier lives. We definitely plan our meals and our diet for the week and although it would be nicer to be able to make our meals further out we just don’t have the fridge/freezer space at this time.

For the 3 people that read this I would say the biggest thing that helped us was using the EveryDollar webpage/app. Knowing where the money goes has been the biggest eye opener for us. I also had to realize that there are things that are cool to have but not required. I love my craft beer but trying to chase stuff down and spend the money I was for it was kind of ridiculous looking back. I have enough booze in the house and my taste aren’t so crazy that I can’t have something off the shelf and be happy with it. I think the bigger thing is seeing that I spent $X.xx amount of money on something later and then asking why did I do that.

Hope everyone had a good Memorial Day weekend.

It has been a few months since I posted my breakdown of where I am with my bills so since there are some big gains I figured I would post again. So looking at EveryDollar I have 60% of my money going to debt/home. 35% of my money goes to debt and 25% to the house. Surprisingly with that much money going out I still feel like we do quite a bit and we aren’t sacrificing anymore than we did before. It was more just a change of mindset.

The Bills

Revolving Debt: $3,132.46 (last update $6,445.76)

Vehicle: $8,713.51 (last update $13,056.92)

House: $184,383.47 (last update $190,07.17)

Total: $196,229.44 (last update $209,575.85)

Difference: $13,346.41


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