Busy month

So I had two work trips in July about a week apart where I flew out on a Sunday and came back Thursday. Both trips were work related and allowed for some great networking but having to eat out all of those days definitely hurt the bank. My first trip was to the Baltimore area and my second was to Chicago for the NCMA World Congress conference. I’m happy I went but man did I drop some cash.

My mom, who lives in Florida, was in Chicago for a reunion and my brother, who lives in Costa Rica was in Chicago on vacation so we had two nights where the family got to have dinner. We had a great meal at Gibson’s Steakhouse and we treated Mom because she’s always treating us even though we’re grown and can pay our own bills. Everyone in my family has been there a million times but surprisingly it was my first time eating there. The food was amazing and even though my steak was $60 it was totally worth it.

I also have a cousin who is an event manager for one of the hotels downtown and she had the cast of one Emmy award winning show in there because they were filming in Chicago. Also had the dancers of another show in there as well so it appears my cousin is doing really good, plus she booked 7 or 8 hockey teams for when they come to town to play the Blackhawks.

Since its only been a few weeks since I posted totals I’m not going to bother this time but progress is always being made. Little goals that are being hit feel great and even though there is a ton of shit I would love to buy I stop myself 99% of the time. In fact the only thing I’ve bought lately have been t-shirts for working out since I keep dropping weight.

On the physical side of the house I’ve lost 15 lbs in the last month or so with CrossFit & diet and I know my strength has definitely gone up. Even on my trips I was very self conscious about what I ate and really only cheated once or twice. Now that I’m home and have no trips for the next couple of months I’ll just be hitting the gym, eating good and putting some money away for a trip for the wife and I.

Nothing more for right now so have a good rest of the month, all three days of it.











My favorite month

So as luck would have it the month of June is great for a lot of reasons. First and foremost is that it’s my birth month. Second is the fact that there are 3 pay periods for me in the month. Lastly, I also got my bonus this month. So with the extra paycheck and the bonus I’m actually able to pay off another bill. When it’s all said and done I will have put $3132.46 since my last statement (15 May) towards one bill. I had to do my numbers to make sure I would have enough for food, gas, etc but this bill is done come 30 June.

So next month when I start I’ll have my truck and my house and that is it. All of my revolving credit will be at $0.00 balance. I will owe $8700 on my truck but with the snowball I’ll be putting $1800 a month on it for 5 months and it will be done and after that is the house. I plugged my numbers into the debt snowball spreadsheet that I use and I created a different spreadsheet specifically for the house so I could get my formulas as close as possible to what we were actually seeing with the way we put extra down towards principal. In a perfect world we would have a ton of money to put down at the beginning of the month and everything would be easy. Unfortunately, we each put $125 per paycheck throughout the month towards principal so even though the numbers for my spreadsheet are close it was just easier to do some computations and make up my own formulas and spreadsheet.

So the wife and I have been doing really good about planning all or most of our meals. At the beginning of June I went to a local butcher and they have a variety of meat packages for everything from family packages to grilling packages, etc. The wife and I got a variety package and a package for two that came with enough protein for her and I for the month. The really cool thing is if you spend over $200 you get another 10lbs of cut up chicken. So that is 3 whole birds, or 6 nights of dinner for her and I, already cut up that we can grill or throw in the dutch oven. The worst part about the meat is that everything comes wrapped in butcher paper so we have to unpack everything and put it in foodsaver bags. In the grand scheme of things it’s not bad at all and more importantly we have a well stocked freezer and we know where our next meal is coming from.

Since we know what meat we have now, our veggie shopping is a lot easier as well. We can do our menu for the week and do our veggie shopping on Friday/Saturday at the farmers market and pull what we need from the freezer at the same time. We do our breakfast and lunch food prep on Sunday together and after that we have some wine or a drink on the patio.

So around April 22, Ash started the whole30 diet. I supported her but I didn’t do it with her, I like my beer way too much. But a lot of what she was making was really tasty so I started making my meals more whole30/paleo friendly to support her. She stuck with it, which I’m extremely proud of her for doing, and she lost 11 or 12 pounds and 3 inches. So after her 30 days she did start drinking wine again in moderation but neither one of us has had a real craving for sweets or breads, etc. So I just started doing a regular paleo diet and joined a local crossfit gym. I go 3-4 times a week right now and I can see how it’s addictive to people but my gym is close to my job and not my house. So on days when I telework I don’t make it to the gym.