Busy month

So I had two work trips in July about a week apart where I flew out on a Sunday and came back Thursday. Both trips were work related and allowed for some great networking but having to eat out all of those days definitely hurt the bank. My first trip was to the Baltimore area and my second was to Chicago for the NCMA World Congress conference. I’m happy I went but man did I drop some cash.

My mom, who lives in Florida, was in Chicago for a reunion and my brother, who lives in Costa Rica was in Chicago on vacation so we had two nights where the family got to have dinner. We had a great meal at Gibson’s Steakhouse and we treated Mom because she’s always treating us even though we’re grown and can pay our own bills. Everyone in my family has been there a million times but surprisingly it was my first time eating there. The food was amazing and even though my steak was $60 it was totally worth it.

I also have a cousin who is an event manager for one of the hotels downtown and she had the cast of one Emmy award winning show in there because they were filming in Chicago. Also had the dancers of another show in there as well so it appears my cousin is doing really good, plus she booked 7 or 8 hockey teams for when they come to town to play the Blackhawks.

Since its only been a few weeks since I posted totals I’m not going to bother this time but progress is always being made. Little goals that are being hit feel great and even though there is a ton of shit I would love to buy I stop myself 99% of the time. In fact the only thing I’ve bought lately have been t-shirts for working out since I keep dropping weight.

On the physical side of the house I’ve lost 15 lbs in the last month or so with CrossFit & diet and I know my strength has definitely gone up. Even on my trips I was very self conscious about what I ate and really only cheated once or twice. Now that I’m home and have no trips for the next couple of months I’ll just be hitting the gym, eating good and putting some money away for a trip for the wife and I.

Nothing more for right now so have a good rest of the month, all three days of it.